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13-Year-Old Boy Reportedly Dies Few Days After Taking Pfizer Vaccine



A 13-year-old boy identified as Jacob Clynick has reportedly passed away few days after receiving second experimental Pfizer mRNA shot.

“Jacob Clynick’s death was announced on Twitter by his aunt, Tami Burages via her Twitter page. In a series of tweets, Tami reportedly said Jacob passed away three days after his second Pfizer vaccine due to heart issues.

Tami further attached a copy of his vaccination card and also said ‘He [Jacob] had no known health problems and was on no medications.’

According to Tami via Twitter, the autopsy conducted on Jacob showed that his heart was enlarged and there was some fluid surrounding it.

Her Tweets Read Below:-

A week ago today my brother’s 13-year-old son had his 2nd covid shot. Less than 3 days later he died.

The initial autopsy results (done Friday) were that his heart was enlarged and there was some fluid surrounding it. He had no known health problems. Was on no medications.

Our family is devastated. I struggled with putting this out on Twitter. I am pro-vaccine. We vaccinated my own 14-year-old son as soon as it was available.

I know it is mostly safe. But Jacob is dead now.

The CDCgov needs to investigate this. There have been other cases of myocarditis in young men receiving their 2nd Pfizer shot. Have others died from it in the United States or is my nephew the first?

I think parents should be warned of the risk. I do believe that the vaccine is saving millions of lives. But should any innocent child be a sacrificial lamb in this endeavour? There are moral, ethical and health questions that need to be answered.

If Jacob had not received the 2nd shot, we believe he would be alive today.

I got to my brother’s house while the forensic team was still there. A police officer present told me

Jacob’s GoFund post states that he died unexpectedly on June 16, 2021, at the age of 13.

Read Excerpts From The Gofundme Post Below:-

Jacob recently completed 8th grade and was looking forward to starting high school and joining the band. He was incredibly excited to take trumpet lessons this summer to prepare for it. Jacob was loved by everyone he met. His jokester personality lit up the room whenever he walked in – at school, with his friends, and with his family; while he is no longer physically with us, we know his loving spirit will live on in all who knew him.

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