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South African rapper, Tshego loses Mom



South African singer and songwriter Tshego is in pains right as he mourns the death of his Mom.

The singer revealed this in an exclusive Instagram post he shared on Saturday:

“This week has been hard for us without you and I don’t see it getting any easier. I can’t say goodbye – instead, I’ll say goodnight for now. I’ll see you soon mom,” shared the star on social media.

“First of all I always consider myself a hustler. Since I was a young one, I’ve always betted on myself. I never took no for an answer. If someone told me no, I would go and learn the thing that they told me no about and do it for myself. So I’ve always had that drive. For the past two or three years I’ve been managing myself,” he continued.

“I don’t think I was in a position to think otherwise because no one else was going to do it for me. I remember learning how to produce. I didn’t know how to produce when I started out as an artist. I only started learning how to produce because I didn’t feel like I was getting beats fast enough so I asked someone to teach me how to produce. Then I started producing 95 percent of my work, so I was never in the position to not think like that.”

He went further to say that his mom was his major motivator before he started pursuing his music career.

“My dad was in love with country music. It always played in the house so when I expressed my interest in music I don’t think it came as a shock to them. And they supported my decision. As I said, I was always a hustler and they knew If I said I was going to do something then I was going to do everything in my power to make it happen.

“I got really serious about music when I was fifteen/sixteen. I’d always been performing as a child. I always just found a stage. It almost started out as competition and I became pretty serious about it,” said the hitmaker.



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