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Sam Mbatha’s Incident Takes Over SA Twitter As Family Releases Statement



Two months ago, the South African LGBTQI+ community took to the street to marched towards the gates of parliament in Cape Town to protest against the queerphobia and homophobia they experience in the country.

But it seems the protest didn’t yield any fruit as the LGBTQI community still get unwelcomed treatment by some netizens.

The sour of what happened a few months surfaces again as another LGBTQIA member suffered a gruesome murder.

A man identified as Sam Mbatha from North West, who had been living his life as a Gay was killed viciously on Thursday in a suspected hate crime.

According to information on social media, Sam was gruesomely murdered by unknown murderers who after killing him put his body inside a boot of his car and set him on fire till he breathed his last breath at the scene.

Some tweeps claimed that Sam Mbatha was murdered because he was gay but as no reports from authorities has been released the motive of the killing still remain unknown.

Sam’s Family Releases Statement.., Says Identity Of The Victim Not Declared Yet

A statement released yesterday by Kgmosto Sepeng on behalf of Sam Junior Mbatha’s family requested that everyone publishing about on social media should refrain from doing in order to allow the SAPS to conduct its investigations.

In the statement, they also stated that the SAPS and family have not declared the identity of the victim who burned in the car.

Read Excerpts From The Statement Below:-

On behalf of Sam Junior Mbatha’s family and close friends, we would like the public to note the following.

Sam’s car was found burnt on Thursday morning.

The SAPS, family and close friends have not declared the identity of the victim who burned in the car.

The family has not issued any statement to the public prior to this one, as they are respecting the laws and procedures of the investigation.

The family humbly request everyone who is publishing speculations on any publishing platforms including social media, to take down with immediate effect such posts and to refrain from publishing further speculations in order to allow the SAPS to conduct its investigations.

Who Is Sam Mbatha?

Sam Mbatha is a dynamic Marketing & Brand Communications Professional at the North-West University, with a strong focus and insight in Digital Media Marketing, Social Media and a demonstrated history of working in the higher education sector.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications, an Honors Degree in Communications with majors in Journalism & Media Studies and a Certificate in Digital Marketing from the University of Cape Town.

Sam had just recently bought his first car.

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