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Controversial Dr Mohanan Vaidyar Has Been Reported Dead



Controversial naturopath medical Dr Mohanan Vaidyar who claimed that he can cure Covid-19 has died.

The news of his death has circulated all over social media.


He was found dead at his relative’s house in Kalady, Thiruvananthapuram. He died at the age 65-years.

According to reports gathtered from a reliable source say he had for long staying at a relative;s house in Kalady for two days now.

Mohanan Vaidyar, who runs an Ayurvedic centre in Pattikad, had made serious fake claims during the Nipah outbreak.

Kerala police last year arrested him for claiming that the pandemic COVID-19 can be cured. The arrest was made after officials, including Thrissur District Medical Officer (DMO), raided the Ayurvedic centre at Pattikkad in the district, where he had gone to allegedly extend help to “cure” coronavirus.

Twenty four people are currently under treatment for COVID-19 at the various medical colleges in Kerala and the government has issued stringent directions that those spreading fake news and false claims on COVID-19 will face strict action. However, at a time when the government is trying to prevent the further spread of the disease in the state, Mohanan Vaidyar addressed the public to make false claims.

In his Facebook post, which has was taken down after he was booked, Mohanan claimed he could “cure all kinds of viral diseases,” including COVID-19.

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