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Gospel Singer, Babo Ngcobo Goes Into Farming, Says He Can’t Depend On Music Alone



These days musicians don’t solely depend on making music to make ends meet, most of them are now having a side investment that will keep them moving if they retire. That’s just what Bao Ngcobo has decided to venture on.

South African gospel singer, Babo Ngcobo in a recent interview he had with Daily Sun revealed that he ventured into farming as a way to carry on with life if music eventually fails him.

The award-winning star said he made thorough research before starting off the business, stating that though he has multiple fans who listen to his music and buys it on music store but don’t know what the future holds for him if they decide not the purchase his songs.

Read Excerpts From His Interview Below:-

“I can’t depend on music alone. I took time and thought deeply before I started this business. I realised that music lovers might be excited by my music, but in the future, I don’t know if they will still love it and buy it at music stores.”

He said his farming business falls under his registered company, Ikhwelo Business Enterprise.

“We have three employees but we aim to increase this number and create job opportunities for locals.”

He also planned to build rooms to rent out. Babo’s still in the music business and is in the studio working on his new album, Uhambo Three.

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