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In Memory: Taylor M Hurt Remembered In The Chopped Next Gen Show


Taylor was a popular chef at LaRina restaurant in Brooklyn who started working in kitchens as a teen and was part of the Chopped Next Gen TV Show cast. Taylor got into the heart of viewers after she appeared as a contestant on the TV show that was probably filmed on November before her sudden demise.

Who Is Taylor Hurt?

Born August 6, 1990, in Hattiesburg, Taylor Hurt was a notable chef at LaRina Pastifico & Vino based in Brooklyn, New York, of Hattiesburg. She was known to be the daughter of Gary and Luvith Hurt, Del Sanders, and Kay Cameron.

Taylor made remarkable remarks through her own recipes and while alive collaborated on a published recipe in ‘Be Nourished’ cookbook. She had wished and dreamt to compete on a prominent cooking show which finally came to pass but sadly wasn’t alive to watch her own show.

Taylor was also a Sous-Chef at The Birdhouse Cafe and a cook at Cotton Blues. She had worked as a former executive and general manager at the Black Sheep Cafe and Speakeasy. Taylor formerly headed the catering chef at the University of Southern Mississippi.


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Taylor Hurt Death

On November 29, 2020, Taylor Marie Hurt unexpectedly passed away at the age of 30. The news of her death was published on an obituary website last year but resurfaced in the memory of people after her Chopped Next Gen cooking show was aired today June 15 2021. Her cause of death was not disclosed to the public.

Joshua Generation Community Church Announced Her Death On December 1 2020

The Joshua Generation Community Church through their official Facebook page announced the death of Taylor whom they described as a faithful member of the church who co-led the children’s ministry.

It is with great sadness and loss that I am writing this post. This week we lost one of our tribe. Taylor Hurt passed away Sunday afternoon. Taylor was, not only a faithful member of JGCC, but she also co-led our children’s ministry with Tori. She always had a smile on her face and a hug to greet you! Taylor was funny, punny and cracked cheesy jokes! She was truly a light to all that she encountered. She will be forever remembered and missed. Our lives were touched and forever changed because we knew her!

People Reacts To Taylor’s Death

Head Pastry Chef at Birdhouse Cafe, Brandi Emmons Lott in a post she made on Facebook said seeing Taylor again in the show was a blessing to her.

It was truly a blessing to get to see you again Taylor M. Hurt. You looked so confident on Chopped and I am so proud of you! Addiction is a horrible horrible thief!! We love you big Tater, thank you Samantha Ruffin for watching with me; Brandi Wrote.

An Instagram user, Glowstick said she was saddened to hear that Taylor passed away. Glowstick described the demised talented chef as a young and spirited based person on the Chopped episode.

In her words:- So sad, such a young, promising person and spirit based on the Chopped episode. Bless Taylor’s presence and impact on the world.

Another Instagram user wrote:- For your episode, you could see your kind soul and beautiful spirit shine! I told my husband there was something I really liked about you and was going to look you up to follow but then saw the tragic news. Rest In Peace.

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