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Euro 2020: I Felt It – What Pogba Said About Rudiger’s Bite



No many knew what transpired between Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba and Antonio Rudiger of the German side but the camera captured it and here is what Pogba said about the incident.

Antonio Rudiger playfully gave Pogba a bite of Paul Pogba towards the end of the first half of Germany’s Euro 2020 opener but the France star didn’t find it funny that she requested that the ref should have taken action.

Reacting to the incident Pogba during his post-match conference said he felt the bite and reported to the referee who took his decision.

“In terms of Tony [Rudiger], we are friends. There was nothing big,” Pogba, who was named man of the match, said at his post-match press conference after the game.

“I think you saw the television pictures, this is all over, this belongs to the past, I am not crying for yellow or red cards because of such actions.

“He nibbled, I think, a little bit on me, but we have known each other for a long time.

“I felt it, I told the referee, he takes the decisions and he takes the decision. It’s over, I just want to play football.

“He has not received any card, I think it is better like this. It was a great match for us, for the fans, for the spectators. I don’t want him to be suspended because of such a situation. At the end of the match, we hugged each other and that’s it.”

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