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Metropolitan Police Officer, Adam Turvey Has Passed Away



Tributes flooded social media following the death of Metropolitan police officer, Adam Turvey. Adam was reported to have tragically died on June 13 2021.

No official report has been given to the public on what killed or cause Adam’s sudden demise.

The Specialist Firearms Command MPS took to their official Twitter page to announce the death of Adam Turvey.

The Tweets read: We are devastated by the loss of Inspector Adam Turvey. Our colleague, our friend, our brother in blue. Stand down Metro Alpha 23, we will take it from here.

A Friend, Adane took to Facebook to pen down her heartfelt tribute to Adam, describing him as a good man who will forever be missed by people.

In Her Words:– Wow, words can’t condole, not even sure what to say, we have lost a good man. We had our first home together many years of happiness, you started your journey as a metropolitan police officer, you made me go to a Justin Timberlake concert your crazy funny dance moves most of all you have been an amazing friend to me this year helped me with so many things and advice and funny reminiscing conversations.

My heart goes out to your mum and Ian and Jamie and of course your kids. RIP Adam Turvey or shall we say meat as we all called you back in the day. Taken too soon.

Jo Elle May who said she was deeply gutted about the news of Adam’s death made a touching tribute to him. She also revealed that Adam was a polices who has helped lots of people.

So angry with myself for not doing things immediately at times! A couple of weeks ago I was sorting many year’s worths of crap and came across one of Gracie’s homework books from 5/6 years ago which I put to one side especially for you Adam Turvey.

That year she only did 1 piece of homework (more than she’s done since though!) and here it is. I’ll translate it because she was only in year 1, so took me a while to figure it out!
“My Uncle Adam is a polices man. He puts naughty people in jail. Uncle Adam helps lots of people too.”

It’s perhaps not the biggest tribute, but for a 5-year-old and one who has never done a piece of homework in the 6 years since this, I think it says a lot.

Absolutely gutted that I didn’t send it straight over to you when I came across it, I just took it for granted that I’d have many years to send it to you.

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