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Cincinnati born movie director and producer Jake Bistrong reportedly dies


Cincinnati-born actor and producer Jake Bistrong have sadly passed away.

The Red Line producer was reported dead on Monday through a Facebook post shared by his brother Andre Bittar.

Jake Bistrong passed away peacefully on June 8, 2021, in Los Angeles, California.

In a Facebook post shared by Andre said:

“My little brother Jake Bistrong passed away on June 7 way too soon. His huge heart and magnetic personality will be remembered by his huge heart, which could assemble the most diverse group of friends.

My love and prayers are with my fiancé Elizabeth Anne and her parents Richard Bistrong and Dee Bentley-Bistrong who are being incredibly strong during this unimaginable tragedy.
One way to honour his legacy is to help him fulfilling his last dream: finishing his last movie, We created a go fund page where all of his loved ones can contribute.
I’m gonna deeply miss you, my friend.”

Jake was born in Cincinnati, OH, he was raised in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. His optimism, love, humour, passion made him so unique in the industry.

He was the producer behind the 2021 film “Red Line” a movie that followed the story of a retired blues and soul singer on his egotistical downward spiral into drug addiction

A Gofundme account has been created for Jake by Elizabeth Bistrong who is organizing a fundraiser.

If you knew Jake, you knew his passion for life was unrivalled. His most recent project, Red Line, would have been Jake’s writing and directorial debut.

His life for the past year was Red Line and it was almost finished. Based on Jake’s own experience, the film is a true story about a subway commuter who tries to avoid unwanted attention and, in doing so, fails to notice a dying homeless man right beside him. The production of the nearly completed film will continue. We hope that Red Line will be Jake’s legacy. Those who choose to give a gift to honour Jake are asked to contribute here. His talent was boundless and he will be missed sorely. Let’s help Jake live forever through his first and only film.

A memorial service will be held on June 18 at 11 am at Beth El synagogue, 288 Roscoe Boulevard in Ponte Vedra Beach.


Sharing the news also was Tony Winters actor at SAG-AFTRA who said:

My heart is heavy right now. I just learned of the passing of my young friend, screenwriter/director Jake Bistrong.

A couple of years ago I had taken a part-time position at a magical Hollywood piano bar called #TrampStampGrannys. I’ve had only a few “square” gigs in my life, outside of acting, that I actually enjoyed.

Tramp Stamp was one of them. I met so many wonderfully talented young people there and Jake was one of them. He would often tell me about a screenplay he was writing, based on his experiences riding the Los Angeles Red Line subway, and promised there would be a role for me. He was really excited about it.

After several months, he finally completed the screenplay and had even raised the funds to produce the short film! He shared with me that he was now looking for a director.

“Looking for a director?!” I said incredulously. “You envisioned it. You wrote it. You raised the money to produce it. And now you’re going to hand it over to another guy who might get it wrong and/or take all the credit?! Dude, direct it YOURSELF!” Well, fast forward to last winter, I got a call from Jake. He was going into production as the screenwriter/producer and DIRECTOR of RED LINE and was casting me as the character “Onsar” — a homeless man living on the Red Line platforms.

I was so proud of him. It was a joy to see him in the director’s chair calling the shots — literally. Long story longer, I got my 2020 Screen Actors Guild Earnings Statement a couple of months ago I smiled when I saw Red Line Productions listed amongst my employer it would have been so much easier and far less expensive to produce it nonunion.

I called Jake to tell him how proud I was of him for having made a film, a SAG film, in the middle of a pandemic, no less! COVID protocols and all. He did it right.

He did it according to Hoyle. He thanked me profusely for having encouraged him to direct. That could not have been much more than a month ago.

I had no idea that would be the last time we’d speak. He earned his wings two days ago. I’m so thankful I made that call.

I’m thankful that our paths crossed, ever so briefly, while you were on this earth. I’m happy to have been a small part of your journey. Gone far too soon at just 27. Rest in heaven, Jake.

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