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What I Would Love To Do With My Late Brother – Cassper Nyovest



South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest revealed what he would love to do with his late brother and would have the opportunity to bring back to life.

Cassper said he would love to spend a day with his late brother in his house. According to him, his whole personality came from his brother.

The Star stated this during an interview with YouTuber Mihlali Ndamase, he stated that his brother [Khotso Phoolo] impacted a lot in his life and wished he was alive to who he has become.

When Mihlali Ndamase threw a question to him on who he would like to bring back to life if he had the opportunity, and in response, he mentioned his brother.

“I would love to spend a day with my late brother in my house because my whole personality comes from my brother,” he said.

“He used to wake up, he had these episodes where he would just burst into dreams, he would just wake up and be like “yoh man when I am in my mansion one day, I ama be this Versace guy, ama be drinking orange juice because I don’t drink liquor in my mansion” everyone would just watch him dream and that’s where I get my personality from.’

“That’s why I am like mad flashy cuz of my brother and I would love you know, I mean it’s not possible but for him to experience those things and say you this is how it feels to own those things, that would be a good memory to create,” he said.

Cassper also said he misses his late grandfather who was a prophet and used to prophesy on him when he was young.

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