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BBC Presenter, Dominic Busby Has Passed Away



Information reaching our news desk has it that BBC Radio Lancashire presenter,  Dominic Busby has sadly passed away at the age of 58. Dom Busby was reported to have died on June 9 2021.

Circumstances surrounding his death is not yet known at the time of filing this report.

Dominic worked on BBC Oxford on Sunday mornings, back then he was presenting the BBC Devon Breakfast Show, the show ended in mid-08. He also appeared as a stand-in presenter on both Oxford and Solent, he presented the mid-morning show at Solent last Sunday.

He was really exposed on Radio 1 when he was late night presenting on Radio Devon.

Dominic from The Chris Moyles’ show had rung up Dom on his late night show, where they discussed all sorts, from the high prices of holidays to tractors.

Dom at the early stage of his career worked with BBC Southern Counties Radio but left in 2006 alongside four other presenters, Bill Buckley, John Radford, Ed Douglas.

His death was announced to the public in a lengthy post made by Eleni MacFarlane where she said a lot about how she met Dom Busby and the memories they had.

In A Lengthy She Wrote:-

Dom Busby, from the week I started at the BBC you went out of your way to look out for me. You perked us up popping by for chats during your schedule. Your work hours and commute I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but you did it because you loved your job. Although we rarely talked about work, I remember you as the friend that walked me home after late shifts so I didn’t walk in the dark alone.

You told the best stories, gave the hugs (When we were allowed to). You’d walk across the newsroom arms wide open and I always saw you coming out of the corner of my eye with that infectious smile.

That’s just s a speck of how you will be remembered. not just a colleague but as a friend, someone I could go to with anything. I’m glad you came to me too. I’m grateful for the 6 years that we confided in each other and laughed together.

You have the most wonderful family and you leave a great legacy.

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