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Panic As 6-year-Old Boy Dies In A Road Rage Shooting In Southern California.., Two Suspect Arrested



The California Highway Patrol has arrested a Costa Mesa couple who were identified as Marcus Anthony Eriz & Wynne Lee Costa Mesa in connection to a road rage shooting in Southern California that led to the death of a 6-year-old boy.

According to a statement from the Highway Patrol, the couple was apprehended outside their home in Cost Mesa and are expected to be charged with murder. The motive of the shooting that led to the death of Aiden Leos is not yet known at the time of filing this report.

The report says, the shooting incident happened on the 21sth of May 2021 and the child was fatally shot in the abdomen while seated in the back seat of a car driven by his mother, Joanna Cloonan, on State Route 55 in the city of Orange.

Investigators have released surveillance images of the suspect vehicle, a white Volkswagen Golf Sportswagen. Detectives believe a woman was driving and a man, who was in the front passenger seat, committed the shooting itself.

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