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Pakistan Industrialist, Sheikh Muhammad Akram Has Passed Away


Founder, Chairman & owner of Sohrab Cycle, Sheikh Muhammad Akram has sadly passed away at the age of 86. He was reported to have died late yesterday night at an undisclosed hospital in Pakistan.

Sheikh a very successful Industrialist of Pakistan married three wives and had children. Circumstances surrounding his death was not disclosed to the public.

The late entrepreneur founded the Sohrab Cycle company in 1953. The company now specializes in the manufacturing of Motorcycle and Rickshaw.

According to the information posted on Facebook by Motivational Guru, the business mogul had requested to see his children in a bid to share his assets with them but none of them showed up.

Read Below As Posted On Facebook By Motivational Guru

This is a final departure of Founder, Chairman Late Sheikh Muhammad Akram of Sohrab Cycle (one of the best cycle of its time which we heard in from our childhood).

He was 86 died yesterday night was a very successful Industrialist of Pakistan having 3 wives and children. He was requesting to paramedical staff to ask their children to see him and take all his assets but nobody returned.

May Allah rests his soul in Jannat ul Firdous and gives a lesson to all of us who are just running after money and status and one should realize what would be the end of life. Only good deeds (naik amal) is the only final assets that are long-lasting.

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