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Here Are Things You Need To Know About Mayenggo3


The name Mayengg03 has gone viral on TikTok after a gruesome video she shared on the page got the attention of many Tiktok users. The incident that transpired in the decapitation video has raised many questions and many are calling on authorities to investigate.

Not much is known about the content creator who uploaded the video on Tiktok as she only shares videos of her dancing with her followers.

Who Is Mayenggo3?

Mayenggo3 is a tiktoker who went viral on the video-sharing app after sharing decapitation footage on her TikTok page.

Her nationality and residency remain unknown as she only uploads mostly gruesome videos on her account. Tiktok has taken action on her account by banning it from its platform for violating its policy.

Mayenggo3 believed to be in her teens seem not to have any other social media account apart from Tiktok. Information about her family remains unknown as she chooses to live a private life online.

Mayenggo3 TikTok Video! What Happened?

Mayenggo3 is the name behind the viral TikTok decapitation Video. Though the video has since been deleted on Tiktok it has spread to other social sharing website making it go more viral.

The first watch of the video shows a young woman dancing to the rhythm of the song ” I’m going in tonight ” by StarBoi3 & Doja Cat, but this only lasts a few seconds, as a scene of a brutal death is immediately shown.

In the gory video shared by Mayenggo3, a man was seen slicing a girl’s throat whose hand was tied with a rope inside a room in an unknown location.

Unfortunately, we can’t upload the video for download on our website as it is extremely horrific to watch. we hope authorities concerned, investigates and find the perpetrators of such a gory act.

Similar  Incidents Of Manslaughter Recorded Live On Tiktok

Incidents of manslaughter being recorded live on Titok has seemed to be a reoccurring event, just few months ago a story was reported of how a 16-year-old teenager identified as Kalecia Williams was murdered live on Tiktok by her assailants.

The story which was aired by Fox5 revealed that Kalecia Williams made a dancing video for TikTok fans from the Hyatt Regency hotel at 12.02 am on December 26.

Just minutes later at 12.27 am, Kalecia would be discovered in the hotel’s lobby, unconscious.

Kalecia was shot in the groin and was rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

In the final TikTok video, she was seen dancing in the hotel room, however, she appears startled when someone enters her room and the video abruptly ends.

“What happened after she made that last Tik Tok video at 12:02am and when she was dead at 12:23 am? I need answers,” Ms Smith the deceased mother told Fox5.

Few days later a 16-year-old boy was arrested and charged with felony murder and aggravated assault among other things, in relation to Kalecia’s death, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution made this report.

Despite the arrest, Kalecia’s family still want answers.

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