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Former Tennis Player, Bill Scanlon Has Passed Away


News that flooded the social media today has it that former united states tennis player William Neil Scanlon popularly known as Bill Scanlon has sadly passed away at the age of 64. Bill was reported to have died on June 2 2021.

Reacting to his death Sage Hill School Tennis Head Coach, A.G Longoria made a lengthy post about Bill via his official Facebook page.

Read Excerpts From His FB Post:-

In the early 60’s I started playing USTA Tournaments. I lived in McAllen in the Rio Grande Valley. I never played a tournament, no matter how big or small, in any part of Texas that Bill Scanlon was not playing in. He would play every division from 16 up to the Open in every tournament.

Sometimes he would play two tournaments in the same weekend, even if they were over 100 miles apart. He would play a match, run to the other tournament, play there and come back, going back and forth. He was playing 300 tournament matches a year and believed the secret to success was to play as many matches as possible. He would be in the Houston Coca-Cola Easter event then be in Los Fresno’s Open the next weekend.

So he goes to Trinity and as a freshman had an OK season, playing #1 singles, but he had a handful of losses to some very good players. I kind of think it was his sophomore year (but could have been his freshman year) when he was seated low at the NCAA held in Corpus Christi.

He was not playing very confident and nobody thought he had much of a chance to win the event. In the second round, he was playing a match where he lost the first set and the second set went to a 9 Point Tiebreaker. In the Breaker, which was first to 5 and Sudden Death at 4-4 in points, the score went to 4-4, with the next point match point for Bill’s opponent and set point for the second set to Bill.

After a short rally, Bill hit an approach shot and came in as his opponent ripped a shot down the line to Bill’s forehand volley which ticked the top of the net and spun to Bill’s left. At the same time, Bill had instinctively jumped in the air and was off the ground when the ball hit the net.

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