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Where Is Popular Twitch Streamer SAVX?, What Happened To Him



Where Is Popular Twitch Streamer, SAVX, Dead Or Alive?

We are just getting to know that popular Twitch streamer Savx is no more.

According to reports gathered from a reliable source, SAVX died last year 2020 after suddenly disappearing from the online video gaming platform “Twitch” in December 2020, Relating the news was his fellow streamer ‘Nidas’ who resorted to Twitter to inform fans that SAVx has passed away.

Nidas mentioned that he, being worried about his fellow streamer, tried to contact SAVx multiple times through his private email but didn’t receive a response.

“I received an answer yesterday, from his brother,” Ninad said. “I was asked to share this information with individuals who have known him and cared to ask, but since Sav was part of so many people’s lives and helped bring laughs and advice to so many of us I needed to take some time to figure out how to properly share this with the rest of you.”

“The family has asked for anyone that wishes to send or share anything, to do so through a mental health charity or become an advocate for suicide prevention,” he continued.

Lastly, Ninad asked all of the readers to “remember Sav for his undying urge to help others, for his unselfishness and for his enormous positivity” and to stop any further speculations regarding it.

This Twitch clip captures streamer ‘DasMehdi’ reading the email that Sav’s brother sent him to his viewers. The email states that Sav passed away on Christmas Afternoon.

Born and raised in America, SAVx was a 22-year-old young dude who enjoys making people laugh and having a good time!”.

He even got famous due to his witty and fun gameplay. Oh!, the game he plays is GTA.

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