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Maserati-driving suspect in DC road rage shooting of mom with kids has been identified by the police


Who is Kenneth Miles Davis: Maserati-driving suspect in DC road rage shooting of mom with kids

Man 42-years declared wanted after he was caught on video shooting at road rage towards a  mom with kids on May 19 in northwest Washington DC.

The man identified as Kenneth Miles Davis aged, 42, was filmed in a brazen road rage shooting that wounded a local mom while her two young children sat next to her.

The incident which happened on Northwest Washington DC road showed the moment when the gunman stepped out of a silver Maserati and opening fire on a vehicle he believed cut him off, police said in a post on Twitter.

According to the police, the unidentified victim was struck in the shoulder while her 5-year-old child was cut by broken glass and her 11-year-old was left traumatized, WRC-TV reported.

“This individual felt it was necessary to use gun violence to deal with his anger,” Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee said. “I am here to tell him that is unacceptable.”

“The person who was responsible for this, we’ll see him soon,” the chief said.

Contee said Davis will be charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

Cops have yet to catch up with him, but do have his pricey wheels.

The silver Maserati was impounded and towed from a townhouse in the Maryland city of Hyattsville early Wednesday, with cops identifying it as the shooter’s vehicle.

Shocking footage of the shooting shows the gunman stepping out of the car and opening fire at the woman’s car before getting back behind the wheel and speeding off.

Cops are now asking the public to help track Davis down.

“I’m disturbed every time I see that video, and I hope the community is as outraged as I am,” Contee said. “He fired shots at the mother and her two children in what appears to be a road-rage incident.

Police had offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.


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