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Two police Officers Pineda & Carrera who saved a man from a burning car gets public praise



A police officer who works daily for the citizens. In some cases, they take actions that do not care for their own lives in order to save the lives of their citizens. People have praised him as a “hero” for saving a man from a burning pickup truck by an American police officer.

However, it seems that more attention was paid to them because they were “good-looking guys”. “New York Post” and “Austin American-Statesman” are reported.

At around 4:40 pm local time on May 24, a citizen made an emergency call at a parking lot in front of an apartment in Austin, Travis County, Texas, saying that the pickup truck was in flames.

The fire brigade and police officers who received the report went to the scene, and Austin police officers Chandler Carrera and Eddie Pineda arrived at the scene before the fire brigade.

The pickup truck was already engulfed in flames, raising black smoke, and a man was struck in the driver’s seat.

The two then took action to save the man in the car without waiting for the fire brigade to arrive. Constable Pineda broke the window and opened the door, and Constable Carrera pulled the man out of the car in collaboration with Constable Pineda, extinguishing the fire with a fire extinguisher to prevent the man from burning.

The moment they took the man out of the car, the pickup truck made a small explosion, and the two perceived the danger rushed to move the man further away from the flames. Due to their swift action

“Police officers smashed the truck window with a baton a couple of times, and the two of them moved the man about 30 to 50 feet (about 9 to 15 meters) away. At that moment, the truck Exploded. It wasn’t a big explosion, but it exploded little by little like a movie. ”

“About 20 seconds after the man was rescued, the flames got bigger and it was like watching a movie. It was a completely crazy situation. The two police officers took their lives. Saved men. They are definitely heroes! ”

The two men saved this time, but immediately after stopping the pickup truck in the parking lot, they felt sick and couldn’t move. At that time, he couldn’t take his foot off the accelerator pedal, and the accelerator continued to rotate, causing the tires to spin repeatedly and cause a fire.

Constable Pineda and Carrera will be commended at the same station the next day, and at a press conference, “We just took a training-based action on what was happening in front of us. I’m happy. We don’t think of ourselves as heroes. We are police officers and that’s our job. We’re here to save our citizens. ”

And when the local media “Austin American-Statesman” posted on Instagram about the two police officers, in addition to the hero-like rescue play, they were “good-looking”, which caused further reaction, and the following voice was heard. It was sent.

“Please! I
‘m going to break the law, so send me two police officers!” “He’s handsome and they look like heroes. I support police officers.”
“Of course they’re heroes, but they’re movie stars. It looks like. ”

The New York Post also described the two police officers as “winners not only in their actions but also in their looks,” and it seems likely that Constable Pineda and Constable Carrera will continue to receive more attention.

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