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See the viral cheeky social media shout-out Bridget Moynahan gave to her husband Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterback Tom Brady



American actress and model, Bridget Moynahan gave her husband Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterback Tom Brady a cheeky social media shout-out.

The actress said My sexuality had been blinking on and off like a light with faulty wiring for years, years after the kids were born,’ as she quoted her main character Juliet.

This coming just few days after her husband Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterback Tom Brady publicly wished her a happy 50th birthday.

Sharing her erotic passage from author Amity Gaige’s 288-page fourth novel Sea Wife, which was published a year ago.

‘Some days I walked through the world with absolutely no desire, like a plastic doll, and then, as if possessed, I’d be consumed by a fire in the loins, triggered by something embarrassing like the image of Tom Brady shirtless on the beach, blowing into a conch.’

Bridget – who boasts 673K social media followers – cryptically captioned her reaction: ‘Wait!? What? Didn’t this just happen? Kinda cool, no? Who’s next? #seawife @amity_gaige’

According to sources, Brady famously ended his two-year relationship with Moynahan in December 2006 – the same month he went on a blind date with Gisele B√ľndchen at West Village wine bar, Turks & Frogs.

The Sex and the City alum welcomed baby Jack eight months later, and the Cali-born baller went on to have two children with the Brazilian 40-year-old, now his wife of 12 years.

Meanwhile, Bridget (born Kathryn) celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with investment banker and father-of-three, Andrew Frankel, on October 17.

‘Tom and I made a decision to raise a child together,’ Moynahan explained to People in 2019.

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