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Australian Film Maker, Peter Spann Has Passed Away



It has been confirmed on social media that popular Australian filmmaker, businessman, writer, investor and speaking coach, Peter Spann has sadly passed away. He was reported to have died on May 31 2021.

His cause of death or what led to his sad demise has not been made known to the public.

Reacting to his death Chairman and CEO of ActionCoach, Brad Sugars made a lengthy post on his official Facebook page about Peter, describing him as one the funniest persons he has ever met.

Read Excerpts below:-

How do I describe this man … Peter was one of the funniest pains in the butt I ever met … he gave me my career start and we both were as competitive and demanding as you could be. He lived many lifetimes and was a success at everything he set his mind to. From Ready, Teddy Go to Results Corp to Freeman-Fox, his amazing seminars and events, his Movie making … he made friends every step of the way.

He left us today. The world is a better place and I am a better man for knowing you, Peter.
I loved his soul. We partied, we competed, he loved my wife and my kids and gave the speech for me at my wedding … it’s an honour to have called you my friend … to the last when I asked Ben Doyle to tell Peter I loved him in his hospital bed … he joked saying he got the last laugh by passing on my birthday … he was strong enough to stay the night and allow me to remember him on the 30th of May now and forever.

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