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Ifan Seventeen officially marries Citra Monica in a hotel located in the Grogol area, Petamburan


INDONESIA NEWS – Ifan Seventeen and Citra Monica finally officially became husband and wife, on May 29, 2021. They got married at a hotel in the Grogol area, Petamburan, West Jakarta, at 11.55 WIB.

After being declared legally as a married couple, Ifan and Citra underwent a sungkeman procession. First, Ifan and Citra sungkem to their respective mothers.

It can be seen that Ifan and Citra kiss each other’s mother’s hand while crying. They both apologized and asked for blessings. After that, Citra approached Dudung, the uncle to ask for prayer.

While Ifan Seventeen at the same time approached his older brother, Dani to apologize and at the same time ask for prayers from his brother. Sungkeman continued with Ifan who took his wife in front of his biological mother.

Citra Monica then sungkeman to her mother-in-law. They then shared their condolences to Dylan Sahara’s parents, Ifan Seventeen’s late wife. The two knelt down and kissed their hands and hugged the deceased parents and cried.

Ifan Seventeen is known to have married Citra Monica with a dowry of 40 grams of precious metal, USD 3,500 (Rp 50 million) money, a diamond ring, and a set of prayer tools.

The event committee claimed the event was held under strict health protocols. The invited media is also limited.

“Please always wear a mask and adhere to health protocols,” read a press statement.

Previously, Ifan Seventeen officially applied for Citra Monica on April 6, 2021. The event which took place in Mecapan, Jakarta was held behind closed doors.

For Ifan and Citra, this is not the first marriage. Previously, they had failed to maintain a household with their respective partners.

Ifan was the last widower after his wife, Dylan Sahara, died in the Tsunami in Banten in December 2018. Meanwhile, Citra Monica has been divorced from her first husband.

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