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Oli London! – What Happened To Him?



Oli London made headlines years back after undergoing series of plastic surgery to make himself look like Korean singer, Park Ji-min from the BTS. Fast-forward to 2021 he trended on Twitter after faking his own death to get people’s attention.

Internet users were thrown into confusion when news of his unconfirmed death surfaced on the internet and prompted questions from fans asking if he is really dead or alive.

Who Is Oli London?

Born in the UK, Oli London is a 30 years old man who trended years back after he got an immense amount of plastic surgery to look like the BTS’s Park Ji-min whom he said was his favourite Idol. He is also a singer and songwriter.

He is currently signed to his own record label “Oil London Entertainment” and has released series of studio projects.

Oli who believes he is Korean has made songs with Korean names, “I love Korea”, “Christmas In Korea.

Oli London Before & After Picture

He’s known as one of the biggest Asiaboo and Koreaboos around. Oli literally married a cut outboard of Jimin.

One of his viral songs was “Perfection” released in 2019. The song has amazed over 2 million views on Youtube and still counting.

Is Oli London Dead Or Alive?

No! Oli London is not dead.., he is very much alive and doing well.

What Happened To Him?.., What happened was that Oli London faked his own death, he created a suicide note and made his Instagram into a remembering account to prank everybody for some attention.

This is not the first time the singer is faking his own death, few months ago he did the same similar thing to get people’s attention.

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