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Mass brawl at Ohio water park, Brittany Cabay, 23, left bloody and unconscious after she was body slammed


A woman has been knocked unconscious after she was body-slammed when a dispute over line-jumping at an Ohio water park turned into a mass brawl.

Footage shows a bloodied Brittany Cabay, 23, landing a series of punches before being thrown to the floor and knocked out in the violent scuffle.

Cabay and fellow brawler Zackary Colzin, 24, were arrested after the fight at Kalahari Water Park in Sandusky, Ohio, on May 17. Deputies said the pair were drunk.

According to Dailymail, The tussle allegedly broke out after one person attempted to jump the line for a surf ride at the water park.

The move apparently incensed those waiting in line, who decided to confront the line-jumper.

Two videos of the scuffle show a group of at least ten swimsuit-clad young people arguing at close quarters, before fighting breaks out.

Two staff members wearing lifeguard T-shirts are caught up in the tussle and try to diffuse the situation, to no avail.

A man, identified as Colzin, can be seen punching one of the brawlers, who Cabay then charges.

She lands several punches on the man before he lifts her up and body slams her headfirst onto the ground, knocking her out.

The site’s Emergency Medical Technician then rushes to restrain the man and Colzin jumps in to hurl several more punches in his direction.

Eventually, the lifeguard steps in and seems to spar with Colzin to keep him away from the EMT and the man who body-slammed Cabay.

Cabay, meanwhile, is unconscious on the floor. Staffers jump to her aid as the brawl continues around them.

Official reports said Colzin later hit his head on the floor and was unconscious when paramedics and deputies arrived at the scene.

Once he was conscious he cursed, shouted racial slurs, and punched one of the deputies. He also threatened to self-harm. He was tasered and placed under arrest.

Colzin, of Sterling Heights, Michigan, was charged with two counts of assault on a peace officer and an EMT, persistent disorderly conduct while intoxicated, resisting arrested, and a failure to disclose personal information.

He was remanded in custody at Erie County Jail without bond. Authorities said there is a warrant for his arrest in Michigan over an alleged car theft.

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