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BM Krishnegowda: Sandalwood veteran actor Krishne Gowda has passed away



Krishne Gowda was a permanent artist in the Chief Minister’s drama. M Krishnegowda Abbura Jayatiertha, R. Nagesh, Srinivasa Prabhu, B.V. He has worked with other directors including Rajaram.

He was a veteran actor who had been active in theatre, serials and cinema. He died at the aged of 80.

Sandalwood artists died from other ailments, including coronavirus and heart attack.

He was diagnosed with covid-19 and he tested negative. It was said that Krishnegowda , who later returned home, died of a heart attack.

It is now known that Krishna Gowda had a recurred a lung problem even after returning home. He has appeared in supporting roles in Kannada serials and movies. Krishna Gowda, who has a theater background, has also painted a lot of dramas.

B Pillai was a permanent artist in the drama ‘Chief Minister’. M Krishnegowda Abbura Jayatiertha, R. Nagesh, Srinivasa Prabhu, B.V. He has worked with other directors including Rajaram.

While working in the office of Karnataka State Accountant General, he was acting in dramas. He also won a State Award for her supporting role in the film. Along with the world of color, he made a name for himself in sports. He was a state-level volleyball player.

Corona has had a bitter incident behind Sandalwood. A number of artists serving the arts are falling victim to Corona.

Many people have died due to infection, including Arvind, Renuka Sharma, Ramu, veteran actor and theater artist Rajaram, Kannada cinema producer and distributor Deepak Samidorai.

Recently, Sriranga, who is suffering from age-related health problems, has passed away. There are no songs written for more than a thousand movie songs.

He has written hit songs for many films including Nanjundi Kalyana, Aseka Oru Meesakoba, Janmadu pair, Blood Tears.

He has also written dialogues for many films including Anja’s son, Kandari Jogi, Muttaiyade Bhagya and Yam Raja in the earth.

Over the past few weeks, more than ten celebrities in Sandalwood have been infected with Kovid infection. Chandra, who made the Missed Call on May 2, was the victim of a corona infection. On May 1, 2011, Naveen Kumar, who had an action cut for the film One Day, died of coronary infection. He was only 36 years old.


On April 22, senior producer Annaiah, who produced Bindas and Ranna cinemas Chandrashekhar was a victim of Kovid. Vice President of the Karnataka Film Decorating Artists Association Even Srinivas had succumbed to this pestilence just days before

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