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Nobel laureate and French virologist Prof speaks on Covid-19 Vaccination



Vaccination is being done worldwide to eradicate the coronavirus, but new variants of the virus have increased the concern of the people.

Now with these new variants, Nobel laureate Prof. Luc Montagnier has made big claims. Luc cited Covid vaccination as the reason behind the emergence of new variants.

Also said that epidemiologists are aware of this phenomenon but still they are ‘silent. This phenomenon is called ‘antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

Luc Montagnier is a 2008 Nobel Prize winner, as well as a French virologist.

He says, ‘This is vaccination, due to which variants are being generated.’ Montagnier made these major revelations in an interview earlier this month, which Pierre Bernierias took on the hold-up media. This clip has been exclusively translated by the RAIR Foundation of America, whose video is becoming very viral on social media. On which people are giving different kinds of feedback.

‘ Scientific and medical mistake’

As can be seen in the video, Montagnier is asked the question of whether new cases and death figures have been rising steadily since January of vaccination, especially among the youth. So what do you say about this?

In response, Montagnier said, ‘This is a scientific, medical mistake that cannot be accepted. It will be shown in history because vaccination itself is generating new variants. Sugar is an antibody to the virus, which comes from the vaccine. So what does a virus do? dies? Or someone finds a way out? ‘

He further adds, ‘Then new types of variants are produced and this is the result of vaccination. You can see, it is the same in every country. The vaccination graph is going on with the death graph. I am following it closely and I am experimenting with patients in institutions. Those who have been infected after vaccination. This shows that they are making such variants, on which the vaccine is less effective. ‘

Had made a big claim in the past as well

In the month of April last year also, in a report of RAIR, Professor Montagnier made another big claim. In this, he said that the coronavirus has been generated in a lab.

At that time these claims were mainly opposed by the leftists. Then those who supported Montagnier’s talk said that an attempt was being made to discredit him because of his statement.

But later again many other scientists also said that the virus has been made in a lab in Wuhan, China. With a team of World Health Organization to investigate also went Wuhan

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