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Swansea city Football club popular fan Ethan Powell dies



A popular fan of Swansea city Ethan Powell has died.

Ethan’s death was confirmed by her sister, Robyn-Katie Tucker in an emotional post she shared on Facebook.

However, details about his death were not disclosed.

Robyn said:-

“It’s with great sadness that my cousin Ethan Powell has died this morning. He put up a good fight! As a family, we are utterly devastated.

You with your mammy now boy reunited at those pearly gates! sleep tight buddy until we meet again”

“There have been 2 balloon releases planned already one in port tenant and one in warnwen. However, we all know Ethan Powell was a big part of trallwn and has many friends here.
In the image below you will find the details of where and when.
Ethan was a very big fan of Swansea city so if you own a kit or top etc please can you wear it if not then something blue, Let’s give our boy the biggest send off trallwn style!”

According to Robyn, Ethan was a big fan of Swansea city, a professional football club based in Swansea, Wales that plays in the Championship, the second tier of English football.

Swansea has played their home matches at the Liberty Stadium since 2005, having previously played at the Vetch Field since the club was founded.

Ethan was born and raised in Swansea, United Kingdom, He studied at Birchgrove Comprehensive School.

He will be missed dearly.

More Updates: Heavy riot escalates in Swansea after Ethan’s Death

Just few hours after Ethan’s death, rioters have stormed the streets of Swansea setting vehicles on fire and attacking police during a night of violence in Swansea – with officers threatening ‘robust’ action to bring the situation under control.

A vigil for a recently deceased local resident escalated into ‘violence, criminal damage and a wanton disregard for public safety’ in the Mayhill area on Thursday, police said.

The trouble is ‘ongoing’ and South Wales Police are urging residents to stay indoors while officers try to safely deal with the situation.

Shocking pictures taken at the scene showed flames billowing from a torched car as onlookers gathered to watch. Locals said the car belonged to a man who tried to stop the violence.

Witnesses claimed a woman in her 90s living nearby had her ‘windows put through’ by the group – as did two other neighbours.

And disturbing video footage shows the group rolling a car down a hill – towards the burning vehicle – before it crashes into the wall.

One of Ethan’s relative said: “Ethan was a down-to-earth, well mannered boy, who would do anything for anyone.

“He had gone to watch the football with his grandfather in Llansamlet on Monday, and he gave my nan a hug before he left.

“He was dropped at home in SA1 which was where he collapsed.

“There were no untoward signs that anything was wrong with him, which is why it is such a shock.

“He would have been heartbroken to have seen what happened.

“He would have been trying to stop it – it is not something he would have wanted to see.

“We can’t understand why there were people there laughing.

“To see that going on in Ethan’s name is devastating.

“We are grieving as a family and we would like to be left alone to grieve in peace”.

Police have continued to say:- ‘Those involved can expect to face robust action.

‘Post-incident investigations will also aim to identify all those concerned.

‘In the meantime, we urge local residents to stay indoors while the matter is brought to a safe conclusion.’

Locals rushed to Twitter to blast the group for gathering during what was meant to be a ‘nice send off’ and balloon release for 19-year-old local Ethan Powell who died this month.

His cause of death is not publicly known.

Sylvie Bennett wrote on Facebook: ‘I am shocked at the disrespect shown to Ethan Powell tonight.

‘I never knew the lad but read how many people respect him.

‘I bet he is looking down on you all with disgust. He wouldn’t want this and neither do his family want this.

‘So know that Swansea is not proud of you as you are all a disgrace. You have not done him proud you have dishonoured him. You’re the scum of the earth.’

Tegan Davies added: ‘The start was brilliant but this has gone way out of hand!

‘I know Ethan loved an argument with the police but this has gone next level, kids and people living by are absolutely petrified!

‘The videos I’ve been sent are disgusting, I know Ethan would never have taken it this far.

‘Bikes and balloons we said, not a f***ing riot!’


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