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South African popular activist and an award-winning transgender Yaya Mavundla reportedly dies



Gina Sokoyi South African popular activist and an award-winning transgender Yaya Mavundla has reportedly died.

Her death was made public on Twitter on Thursday evening. The cause of her death was not disclosed.



Sadly, Gina passed away in the year 2020, The sudden news of her passing was a shock to viewers who had already taken a great liking to her.

She is a transgender who has expressed her truth on Becoming S1, Gina always remained true to herself, no matter the odds stacked up against her.

Gina Sokoyi quickly became a favourite star with the viewers of the show “Becoming” thanks to her colourful and charismatic personality.

She was born and raised in Welkom, Gina always knew that she was female although society identified her as male.

For many years, Gina positioned herself as a gay man, but as she grew more confidant and comfortable with identifying as female, she gradually began her journey as a trans woman.

Becoming was a TV reality show that was heartbreaking. It’s incredibly insightful. And it’s something South Africans loved to watch because while it’s a global trend, violence against the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer and Other (LGBTQ+) is prevalent in South Africa… and it’s only getting worse.

The reality show explores life for four South Africans living in the trans community, Gina Sokoyi, Ramazan Ngobese, Yaya Mavundla and Gugu Khumalo. And as upbeat as the four are about telling their stories, the harsh reality is that they’re living with cruel torment from everyone around them – including their families, who more often than not don’t understand them and their lifestyles.

In this edition we look at Gina Sokoyi’s journey as a transgender woman living in South Africa.

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