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Jesús Santrich Death: Dissidents confirm his death in Venezuela: “They cut off his little finger”



Dissidents have also confirmed the death of the guerrilla leader and the Second Marquetalia Jesús Santrich this Tuesday, May 18.

“It happened in the Serranía del Perijá, a binational border area, between El Chalet and the Los Laureles village, within Venezuelan territory. Up to that place the Colombian commandos penetrated by direct order of President Iván Duque ” , reads a statement published hours after the report was known through military intelligence reports.

“The truck where the commander was travelling was attacked with rifle fire and grenade explosions. After the crime, the murderers cut off the little finger of his left hand. A few minutes later, near the place, the commandos were quickly extracted in a yellow helicopter heading for Colombia, ”these dissidents pointed out.

The message published by the armed group also reads that “Santrich fell free; free as I wanted ”. Likewise, they affirm that the death of Santrich will not “save the arrogant tyrant Iván Duque from unleashed popular anger.”

Since the Second Marquetalia, they also ask Colombians who have been demonstrating for more than 20 days, to pay tribute to the criminal. “We ask the Colombian people mobilized for 20 days in permanent protest against the bad government, in homage to Santrich,” says the text.

So far there are three hypotheses about the death of the ex-guerrilla: that he was discharged by the Bolivarian Armed Forces, that he died in combat with the dissidence of Miguel Botache Santillana (alias ‘Gentil Duarte’) and that he was killed by mercenaries. One of the versions that takes more force is that he died at the hands of the illegal armed structure led by alias ‘Gentil Duarte’, with whom he was a member of the FARC. This is what military intelligence agents and the Police told Noticias Caracol.

While Venezuelan Army sources reported, in a document known to El Tiempo, that it could have been a murder perpetrated by mercenaries; In turn, Caracas sources told the media in question that, in any case, Duarte’s dissidents would have provided the coordinates of the place where he was.

In what would be his last interview on Santrich camera, a few days ago, about the situation in the state of Apure (Venezuela), where intelligence reports show an intense conflict between men from the Second Marquetalia, dissidents from ‘Gentil Duarte ‘and the Venezuelan military, he assured that they have no responsibilities there and therefore should not answer for the governments, even if they have common identities.

“We have nothing to do, either on one side or the other, with the public order situation that unfolds in the Apure, causing anxiety and much less we have to do with the malicious and repetitive accusations than in one way or another, with abundant false accusations are made from the oligarchy and the Colombian government that shames them for their cynicism and their mission to Washington, ” said Santrich.

In the conversation with the Dossier program, Santrich also spoke about what happened with his imprisonment in Colombia for drug trafficking. “As signatories of a peace agreement (…) I would only tell you that as a result of the perfidy of the Colombian State, I was slandered and deprived of liberty. The Colombian State, in addition to failing to comply with the Havana agreement, raised the accusations of drug trafficking against me and other comrades, ”the guerrilla said.

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