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Where is popular Twitch Streamer Alex AKA “Dovahpug” now, dead or alive?



Popular Twitch streamer, Misty Mocha a personality that had many GTA RP followers have sadly passed away.

What Actually Happened To Misty Mocha Aka Dovahpug?

From reports gathered it looked like Alex aka Misty Mocha died of cancer, following a written note she dropped before her death.

“Hey! If you are reading this, it means I am dead and the fucking cancer finally got me lol. I am having my IRL friend send this message to my nopixel friends.”


The source also said she was playing the game when it happened. Not going to show that, but here’s the officer who took her to the hospital when she said she wasn’t feeling well returning something special she had to her closest friends….

The streamer was a well-loved game player in the world number one game community, Twitch.

She was identified for her high spirit and dedication which she devoted to her Twitch platform. Dovapug had a personality that she role-played in GTA RP.

The character of Misty Mocha was a fascinating one, particularly because it began out of nowhere. The GTA RP character went from being a no-name who awoke with little reminiscence of how she ended up in San Andreas to turning into an infamous Twitter person.

Sadly, DovahPug lately handed away resulting from issues with most cancers, marking a finish to the Misty Mocha character.

DovahPug will likely be missed dearly by the GTA RP neighbourhood, so this text will concentrate on a few of her contributions along with her most well-known character, Misty Mocha.

Misty started her career on the gaming platform with GTA RP, She was a no-name character who awoke with no collective reminiscence of who she was and why she was in San Andreas. She was notoriously lazy, which made her an ideal “influencer” on Twitter.

Simply on Twitch as the GTA RP equal of Twitter in the actual world, it was solely becoming for Misty to annoy a number of different gamers. A type of gamers was Hannah Hilltop, who’s performed by the favoured Twitch streamer adeptthebest. After all, she vexed a variety of gamers early on due to her perspective.

Though she angered Hannah early on, the 2 would later reconcile their variations when Misty Mocha took a bullet for her from Tay Tay. Earlier than all of that might occur, although, Misty could be the topic of ridicule from Hannah and her buddies, who all sought to break the latter’s fame.

After all, none of that was as unhealthy as when Molly Minaj brutalized Misty Mocha for the straightforward incontrovertible fact that she was getting a variety of consideration. Because of this, Misty developed PTSD, which finally worsened her Dissociative Id Dysfunction, thus making her extra violent.

The very last thing Misty Mocha did in GTA RP (on Twitch’s video part) spoke to Bozo a few failed financial institution heist and their mutual displeasure of cops.

Below is a note Mocha herself left on twitch server before her death, and where her humour in adversity shines through.

“Hey! If you are reading this, it means I am dead and the fucking cancer finally got me lol. I am having my IRL friend send this message to my nopixel friends. Just want to let you know I really enjoyed the time we have spent together and all the memories we made. The past few months role playing with you has been the absolute best time of my life and the only regret I have is not discovering nopixel and the RP community sooner. If there is an after life, I hope to meet you again! All the love… Misty.”

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