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Collegiate member of Delta Theta, Truman State University, Ashley Gough sadly passes away



Collegiate Delta Theta, Truman State University member Ashley Gough have sadly passed away.

The school and the entire member of Collegiate  Delta Theta University mourns her death.

Sadly Ashley died on May 7 2021, no details regarding the cause of her death was disclosed.

Confirming the news of her death on Monday morning was Sigma Kappa through her Facebook page.

It is with great sadness that Sigma Kappa mourns a young life gone too soon. Ashley Gough, a collegiate member of Delta Theta, Truman State University, passed away on May 7.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ashley’s family, chapter sisters and all those who knew her.”

She also said that Delta Theta Chapter president Kyndall Penyweit are also sharing their heartfelt condolences to Ashleys family.

, “Ashley was the sister known for being bright and bubbly.

She was able to make everyone she talked to feel seen, loved and appreciated.

Ashley could put a positive spin on any situation and could make you laugh at even the darkest of times.

She was well-loved and will be dearly missed.” Sigma Kappa said

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