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Miranda Cooper! – What Happened To Her?


Social media personality, Miranda Cooper has become a victim of a death hoax, the internet murdered her.

Unconfirmed and unverified news that flooded the social media a few days ago claimed that Miranda Cooper, A popular Tik Toker with thousands of followers died.

The information which has been shared countless time on social media has kept people asking if it was true as no verified source posted.

A thorough look at the news shows that it emanated from a prank website and was massively shared by rumour mongers.

The False death news was posted by clickbait websites and a prank website “Channe46news.com”, known for pranking death news of celebrities.

The prank website claimed that she was shot dead in the woods.

Is Miranda Cooper Dead?

No! Miranda Cooper is not dead, she is very much alive and doing fine. The news that she died is false though she has not been active on social media.

Her Tiktok page filled with her dance videos has not been updated for a long time now.

@mirandacooper1999♬ Shower – Becky G

Till her family or management releases an official statment on this, Miranda Cooper Is Alive!.

Who Is Miranda Cooper?

Born on November 28, 1999, in the United States, Miranda Cooper is a popular Tik Toker and social media personality who is known for her unique videos and interesting style on TikTok.

Miranda who was born with a genetic condition called Holt-Oram syndrome, which is characterized by abnormalities of the upper limbs has amazed over 2.7 TikTok fans on her Miranda Cooper 1999 Tiktok page.

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