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Woman in California buys a winning lottery number of $ 26 million, accidentally threw the ticket into the washing machine



A woman in the California United States of America bought a lottery ticket about six months ago, the same one that was a winner for a total of $ 26 million. Unfortunately, the ticket was mistakenly put into a washing machine along with his dirty clothes, and it ended up totally destroyed.

The game ticket called SuperLotto Plus was bought at a California gas station on November 14, the manager of the place assured the US media KTLA, who identified himself only as Frank. Whoever came up with the winning ticket had until Thursday night to claim the prize.

Frank said surveillance video shows the moment the woman buys the ticket, which is known to workers at the site.

The woman arrived at the establishment where she bought the ticket, called Arco AM PM, assuring that she had bought the ticket, but had kept it in her pants pocket, which she later threw into the washing machine, destroying it, according to Frank.

The manager recommended that the woman speaks with some reporters who were waiting outside the gas station to see who the lucky winner had been and interview him, however, she refused to comment.

Frank also reported that he had given a copy of the surveillance video to California Lottery officials, but the original version, according to the manager, is no longer in the store. The winner was described as a woman in her 40s.

The American media KTLA searched for officials of the California Lottery in order to corroborate if there was a copy of the video where the woman buys the winning ticket, however, the existence of said video was not confirmed or denied. Furthermore, they said that the video would not confirm the winning purchase of the SuperLotto Plus ticket .

Lottery officials explained that if a person buys a winning ticket and loses it, they must show substantial evidence that they actually owned the ticket, such as a photocopy of the front and back of the ticket.

According to a press release from the California Lottery, if the ticket is not claimed, the one-time payment of $ 19.7 million will go to the state’s public schools.

The winning numbers for the drawing on November 14, the day the woman allegedly bought the ticket, were 23, 36, 12, 31, 13, with a mega-number of 10.

The same lottery officials were encouraging players to check the tickets purchased that day at the venue to see if any matched the six winning numbers, however, none matched.

In the event that the winner of the state lottery prize has appeared, they should complete a claim form that can be found on the California Lottery website at any of the more than 23,000 lottery retailers. state and district lottery offices.

Afterwards, there were several ways to claim the prize, including scheduling an appointment at any of the lottery offices, for the purpose of doing it in person, or returning the signed claim form and the winning ticket to the office mailbox. .

In the event that the winner of the $ 26 million prize was unable or unwilling to attend a district office, they had the option of mailing the signed claim form and winning ticket, postmarked, no later than Thursday night.

Any unclaimed lottery prizes will be donated to California public education. To date, California public schools have received $ 1 billion in unclaimed lottery prizes, according to the release.

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