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Vivit Kavi – Few Things You Need To Know About Her


Vivit Kavi Biodata:

Real Name: Vivit Kavi
Age: ——
Birth Place: Indonesia
Profession: Model, Jounalist

Who Is Vivit Kavi

Vivit’s early career as a presenter around 1997, at that time she was walking in a mall, then she met someone there was an advertising agent who offered her to be an advertisement star and Vivit Kavi accepted the offer by starting starring in a soap commercial. named Palmolive that was in 1997.

Since the time of that commercial, she has received a lot of offers by being a commercial star who is interested in making her a model.

After that, Vivit Kavi was first offered to host Starmild Soundtrack along with other Hosts Bertrand Antolin.

In 2005 she received an offer to become a VOA journalist because her husband also works in the Radio VOA division.

This is Vivit Kavi actively filling in the program as a presenter at the event men eat Trans Tv

Vivit Kavi breakthrough after 20 years at VOA for Indonesia

Having had a good career and life in America, the duo of global communication practitioners Vena Annisa and Vivit Kavi decided to return to their homeland. That was the reaction of the people when the two alumni of Voice of America (VOA) Indonesia returned to their hometowns.

Combined, their work tenure at VOA is up to 20 years, Vena (12 years) and Vivit (8 years). Their return to Indonesia was for different reasons, but without planning the two of them returned to work together with a noble mission.

This work partner who is also an old friend has caught the phenomenon of global competition that is getting fiercer for the younger generation in Indonesia. So these two beautiful women agreed to create a company that provides communication and training consulting services called V&V COMM.

” Actually it’s like a blessing in disguise, it wasn’t planned at all. Initially, we had separate intentions, but in the end, we founded V&V COMM to make it practical and complementary,” said V&V COMM COO Vena Annisa and V&V COMM CEO Vivit Kavi while chatting at the KLY office recently.

Before moving to America in 2003, Vena Annisa was already entrenched in the broadcasting world, from radio, TV, to building a production house.

Meanwhile, Vivit who started her career as an advertising star reached out to broadcasters and event organizers, also had the same passion in the world of presenting.

Vena had the opportunity to teach at the communication school and Vivit is often invited as a guest speaker to share his experiences.

Likewise when in America, both of them often served as coaches or mentors in workshops related to the world of communication.

On their way, Vivit felt anxious about making new steps that made him decide to return to Indonesia.

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