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The Grizzlies Cast, Actress Emerald MacDonald Dies


Information confirmed on social media has it that talented actress, Emerald MacDonald has sadly passed away. Emerald known for her work on The 2018 movie “The Grizzlies” was reported to have died On Monday, May 3 2021.

The cause of her death or what led to her sudden demise is not yet known as at the time of filing this report.

The Grizzlies Movie took to their official Social media pages to announce the news to the public.

Read Below Excerpts From What They Posted On Facebook:-

Dear Friends of The Grizzlies! We know many of you have heard by now about our tragic loss of the irreplaceable Emerald Autumn-Jade “Baboo” MacDonald last Monday, May 3.

Emerald, the shining talent who played Miranda Atatahak in our movie, was also the sister of our beloved fellow Grizzlies producer Stacey Aglok MacDonald. Emerald’s performance was celebrated across the country, Europe and the world, but most important to her was that she made her community proud.

Emerald continued to touch so many lives including being an inspiration to countless youth across the north when touring with the film and spreading messages of love, resilience, mental health, and youth empowerment. She was also the proudest and loving auntie.

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