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Pakistani artist, newspaper and columnist Farooq Qaiser is dead


Farooq Qaiser popular creator of a childhood memorable character, UbcleSangam and Masi Musibtee has passed away.

His death was made public through a social media post shared on Friday evening, He died of cardiac arrest in Islamabad as reported by a reliable source, Farooq was the King of social satire, a comedian, puppetry and communication, an Uncle Sargam a childhood character that created memories that generations in past will nor forget easily.

Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Elaihe Rajeoon. He trained and entertained at least 2 generations with his timeless work.

He was a Pakistani artist, newspaper columnist, TV show director, puppeteer, scriptwriter and voice actor. He has also written some comic books.

Well known for his fictional puppet Uncle Sargam introduced in 1976 in children’s television show Kaliyan.

Farooq is also a cartoonist, newspaper columnist and writes for the newspaper Daily Nai Baat in Lahore and is famous for his column-writing name Meethay Karelay.

He started his career at a young age in the early 1970s after graduating from the National College of Arts in Lahore Pakistan.

In 1971, his teacher Salima Hashmi got him involved in her children’s television puppet show Akkar Bakkar.

In that show, he worked with Shoaib Hashmi, Muneeza Hashmi and Faiz Ahmad Faiz on the scripts and puppets.

Farooq Qaiser has written most of his best works in stressful times and situations; therefore, he thrives in these stressful times.

Due to his work load, he had to give up his job at Lok Virsa and preferred to work on his own. Recently, he completed ‘Siyasi Kaliyan’ with DawnNews and returned to PTV where his programme will be appearing from January.

As a script writer for innumerable programmes, he has done great deal of writing. Three of his Urdu books are in the market: ‘Kaalam Galoch’, ‘Horpuchho’, ‘Meraypiyaray Allah Mian’, ‘Meethay Karelay’.

While in Bucharest, Rumania, studying for his Master’s degree, his teacher Mr Molnar impressed him. On his return, he made his first puppet Uncle Sargam, resembling him.

He sent him a picture of his puppet and made his teacher happy. Today, Uncle Sargam has become a household name in Pakistan. He has a purely Pakistani nature, personality and sense of humor.

Bushra Ansari became popular while working with Farooq Qaiser. She gave her voice for the sheep named ‘Sharmeeli’. She exchanged some interesting dialogues with Uncle Sargam in a TV programme scripted by Farooq Qaiser: “I was born after you but received the Pride of Performance before you!”

Farooq Qaiser has taught his art to many students, especially at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi.

He had great hopes from the new generation and believes that they are very intelligent and talented. And whenever the country has been in a crisis, they’ve always risen to the occasion and defended their motherland at all costs.

Intellectually, he finds them so bright that they learnt within three months all he had learnt in 30 years!

Farooq Qaiser wants all Pakistanis to be patriotic. When abroad, they should remember to be responsible and present their country’s culture with grace and dignity. When inside the country, they need to work hard and honestly.

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