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Adult film actor, Alex Riley has sadly passed away



We are heartbroken to announce the sudden passing of Alex Riley, He was one of the most vibrant and talented young performers in the adult movie industry.

Confirming the news of his death was Helis Studios on Thursday morning:

“Helix Studios was posted Thursday morning. “We are heartbroken over the loss of Alex Riley, one of the most vibrant and talented young performers we’ve ever had the privilege to work with,” it reads. “Please respect his family’s privacy during this devastatingly difficult time. We love you, rest in peace Alex.”


Alex Riley, who rose to prominence in the adult industry appearing in Helix productions, has died at the age of 22.

The young performer had won awards like GayVN’s Best Newcomer in 2020, and was loved by his fans, co-stars, and boyfriend, fellow performer Jacob Hansen.

Riley’s last post on Instagram is from December 2020, showing a hike he and Hansen took in their new home state of Arizona:



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Alex Riley was a Dallas native who had five survival tips for anyone considering a career in adult film. For him, first, “make sure that you’re comfortable with people knowing you work in the adult film” was his prodigy.

Alex says he makes it a vacation every time he heads out to film. And last: Work out your body. It’s important to stay in shape because they’re not kidding when they say the camera packs on extra pounds.

Brief Interview With Alex Rilay

We spoke with Alex Riley in Las Vegas while he was on the set of his next Helix Studios film.

(Matt Sunderland) What compelled you to get into adult film?

(Alex Riley) There was a moment in the fourth grade that I knew I wanted to get into adult films. I was watching a clip on my grandmother’s computer thinking, “Wow. I want to be one of those guys one day!”


Tell us about growing up in Dallas.

As a child, discipline, respect, school and sports were my whole life. My baby brother and I lived with my grandparents from, I believe, the middle of fourth grade until the middle of ninth grade. We lived with my mom for all of the other years before and after. I’ve never met my father, but it’s never been something that’s made me feel weird or different. As far as sports, I excelled in football, cross-country and track and field. Being good at sports didn’t necessarily make me popular in high school, but I was well known and liked.


Do your mom and grandparents know about your adult film career?
Yes, I’ve told everyone, including close friends, and, for the most part, all have been supportive. I’ve learned to totally ignore mean things that people say to, or about, me. They have their lives and shouldn’t be worrying about mine.

Who is the real Alex Riley when the cameras are off?

I’m pretty much the same crazy, giggly, ADHD young man that I am on camera. I’m smiling and laughing a solid 23 hours of any given day and eating snacks like it’s no one’s business.


What is the best thing about porn?

The people and the travelling. Travelling is so much fun and I’ve had sex with some really hot guys that have become close friends.



It can be physically draining at times. Luckily, I love what I do, so the worst isn’t really that bad, yenno?


Weirdest place you’ve had sex?
On the third-story rooftop of my last boyfriend’s parent’s house.


What is one thing your fans would be most surprised to learn about you?

My nationality. I’m black, Caucasian and Italian.


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