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Video: Watch moment parents frantically went to schools and grabbed their children from the playground after multiple explosions heard over Jerusalem



Last night was hell for most residents leaving in Gaza and the entire Isreal communities after an airstrike struck the country’s capital Jerusalem.

A viral video posted by Rabbi Yisroel Kahan showed the moment parents frantically rushed into schools and grabbed their children from the playground, this happened hours after multiple explosions were heard over Jerusalem the capital of Isreal.


Meanwhile, The United States, Germany and the United Kingdom has condemned the launch of Hamas missiles towards Israel, Washington described the actions of the terrorist group as an “unacceptable escalation”, while London Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab also called for an “immediate de-escalation of all parties.” Berlin ruled along the same lines.

The United States and the United Kingdom on Monday condemned the launch of missiles towards Israel by the terrorist group Hamas , which have taken place in the framework of a strong escalation in the territory and particularly in Jerusalem.

Washington called the terrorist group’s actions an “unacceptable escalation” and reiterated the call to defuse tensions in Jerusalem. “The United States condemns in the strongest terms the rocket barrage launched against Israel in the last few hours. It is an unacceptable escalation , ”State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters. Shortly after, Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on both parties to “de-escalate” the situation.

London expressed itself in the same way – ” the UK condemns the launching of missiles at Jerusalem and other locations in Israel – and called through Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab for an” immediate de-escalation of all parties . “The violence in Jerusalem and Gaza must stop,” he added.

Germany also spoke along the same lines. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that “nothing justifies launching missiles at the Israeli civilian population.” “It certainly does not lead to the resolution of the conflict, but to a senseless escalation,” he added on his social networks, urging both parties to “avoid more civilian casualties.”

The clashes between the parties occurred throughout the day – especially on the Esplanade of the Mosques, in Jerusalem – and continue into the night (local time). The last episode took place at 9PM, when dozens of missiles were reported launched from Gaza into Israeli territory, particularly the city of Ashkelon . As detailed by the Israeli Army, there were at least 45 rockets launched from the Palestinian enclave throughout the day. Hamas assured that there were more than 100.

The terrorist group had already launched a burst of rockets – those that prompted the statements by Washington and London – to which Israel responded with an air strike. “We just attacked three Hamas terrorists in Gaza. We hold the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas responsible for this serious aggression against us , “the IDF said on its social media.

We have started attacking military targets in Gaza, ”IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus told local press. Conricus confirmed that the Israeli forces had targeted “a Hamas military operation”, while sources from the extremist movement confirmed to the AFP agency that one of its commanders had died. Palestinian media, on the other hand, indicated that the death toll in the attack would amount to nine. After a new attack, they assured, the figure rose to 20.

In this context, Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Hamas crossed a “red line” by firing rockets at Israeli soil and promised a forceful response. ” Terrorist organizations in Gaza crossed a red line on the night of Jerusalem Day ‘firing rockets, ” said the Israeli prime minister, adding that “Israel will react strongly (…), whoever attacks will pay a high price.” .

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