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Veteran Journalist, Russell Goodrick Dies


Australian News anchor, producer, veteran journalist, Russell Goodrick is no more. The veteran journalist with more than 40 years of experience in producing media content was reported to have died today April 10 2021 after a long battle with a private health issue later known to be severe pancreatitis.

The family announced the news to the public through an official statement released on Russel Goodrick Facebook page.

From the statement released on Facebook, the family explained that Russell was hit by necrotizing pancreatitis at the beginning of this year. He had driven down in his Prado to Esperance to help with the production of the upcoming movie Before Dawn but didn’t make it to Esperance as his trip was cut short as he fell ill to necrotizing pancreatitis, a form of severe pancreatitis; the family further explained.

Read Excerpts From The Statement Below:-

Father, Chief, Mate, Man of Steel and Friend. With great sorrow and disbelief, I pass on this harrowing news to you, the passing of a man who had such an incredible life and as you all know lived his life to the absolute fullest.

In January, Dad drove down in his Prado to Esperance to help with the production of the upcoming movie Before Dawn. He didn’t make it to Esperance. His trip was cut short as he fell ill to necrotizing pancreatitis, a form of severe pancreatitis.

He was flown back to Perth by the RFDS and was operated on. After a few weeks, he was sent off home in the hopes that he was on his way with a slow recovery. However, things did not go as hoped and he was admitted back into the hospital. Over time we saw him go through a roller coaster of improvement and declination. He continued to fight, and his loved ones and family fought by his side every step of the way.

Please understand that Dad’s wish was to keep his ill health private and his condition discreet. It was also impossible to let everyone know due to Dad’s changing condition.

Who Is Russell Goodrick? Few Things You Need To Know About Him!

Probably in his late 60’s, Russell Goodrick was a Logie award-winning former newscaster, news producer, veteran journalist, corporate video and online media specialist.

He was an on the road journalist, main news anchor for the 9 Network and one of Australia’s most prolific producers of television programs, commercials, corporate and training videos.

In 1986, he became the MRG TV executive producer and was part of NFP board member working on the production of corporate videos and Television programs.

He made many performances with dramatic societies in England and Australia. Following his outstanding performances, Russell was employed by London’s Harrods as a DJ in the “Way In boutique”, he later moved to their Radio and Television Department, then Fleet Street and Harlech TV.

Russell from his first marriage had two sons and had four children from his second marriage.

His career as a media specialist started in 1964 at Radio 2GB Sydney in the days of Gordan Chater, Gwen Plumb and Eric Baume, with Charles McLaughlin and the 870 Club introducing all the supa groups of the day like the Easybeats, Billy Thorpe, Max Merrit & Ray Brown and in the Phillip Street Theatre where Radio Plays were acted out to 20-inch acetates and vinyls.

In 1985, Russell established the MRG international as an independent marketing, promotions and public relations company handling many iconic brands from Century 21 and Canberra TV to Coates Hire and the Avon Descent.

Russell while trying to expand the company, in 2009 opened the MRGTV

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