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Tatarstan school shooting: 13 persons confirmed dead


A reports heavy mass shooting in a school located in Tatarstan , Russia has claimed  13 people and 12 persons hospitalized.

Reports say one suspect has been detained and another one holds several people hostage.

A 19-year-old suspect has been arrested, according to the President of Tatarstan republic.

Confirming this report was Russia’s state RIA Novosti news agency made this reports, citing local emergency services.


One of the gunmen was killed by police after taking several pupils hostage on an upper floor, and the other was arrested as the massacre unfolded at school No175 in the city of Kazan.

Pupils described scenes of chaos as the sound of an explosion “thundered” through corridors, followed by gunshots.

A harrowing video posted on social media shows terrified children jumping out of upper-floor windows to escape the massacre, while others climbed down ladders set up under windows.

Distressing footage shows wounded children on the floor outside the school, while another clip showed scenes of carnage inside the building.

A male was seen in handcuffs as he was led away from the school by police. One of the suspects was reported to be a former student.


Pupils and staff ran out of the school in terror as gunfire erupted, and distraught parents soon began gathering across the road to find out if their children were okay.

One of the pupils has managed to reveal to the local media that they were sitting on the third floor while having a history lesson.

“Suddenly, in the middle of the lesson, the headmistress starts shouting into the loudspeaker so that no one would open their doors.

“The class teacher quickly closed the door and literally five seconds later a big explosion thundered either on the first or on the second floor.

“We stayed together and did not open the door to anyone, but they burst into it – shots were heard, banging on the door, as if someone was trying to knock it out.

“After some time, we heard the riot police and the deputy head shouted to us to open it.

“Firefighters came in and took us out.”

A 15-yer-old said: “They took us out. First, they told us to lock ourselves in the room, we locked ourselves in.

“Then a strong explosion thundered, and in a minute the shooting began.”

There were reports that a second gunmen had taken several people hostage inside the building.

112 channel reported: “Two young men entered the school and opened fire in the corridor.

“There were almost no children at that moment, since the lesson was already underway.

“One of the shooters tried to escape through the window.”

Witnesses said terrified children were jumping out of upper-floor windows to escape as fellow pupils and staff were gunned down.

Firefighters used ladders to rescue children from the upper windows.

It is said that the teenager who was arrested told police he had planted a bomb at his home.

A source told Russia’s Tass news agency that eight children and a teacher were killed, and there were two shooters.

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