Home World News South African professional photographer Henry Engelbrecht is dead

South African professional photographer Henry Engelbrecht is dead


South African professional photographer Henry Engelbrecht has been reported dead.

His death made known through official Twitter posted shared by Ondaysky revealing how Henry contributed immensely to the South African entertainment industry as a photographer.


“We’re saddened to hear that one of the most supportive, talented and genuine people has passed Broken heart Henry Engelbrecht, thank you for all you have done for our scene! We will miss you! Your legacy will live on with every photo you took and the influence you had on all our lives.”

ESPN Senior NFL insider Adam Schefer is also shocked to hear of Brennan’s death he said in an official Twitter post –

“Colt Brennan, who set numerous NCAA passing records at Hawaii, has died at age 37, his father Terry Brennan told the Star-Advertiser.

His father said Colt was in his fifth month at a rehabilitation facility in California when he was found unconscious.”

Henry started way back in 2012 after he took some photos at a live gig organised by a guy he knew.


Henry said in an interview: ” I really enjoyed it, got to photograph a few more shows, and within a year or two I was hooked. These days I get to do it quite often, which is a huge privilege.”


He also said that At a Fokofpolisiekar show in 2018, I got in the way of a bass guitar and ended up with seven staples in my head.

As luck would have it, it was a show that was held on a Sunday afternoon, which meant that the hospital staff were convinced that I was in a fight and/or drinking. They wouldn’t believe me when I explained to them that I got the wound while taking photos of a rock band.

When ask why he had a favourite bands to photograph?

The best bands to photograph are the bands that engage with the crowd. The bands that always make it a show.

There are way too many to mention here, but the best examples would be bands like Francois van Coke, Spoegwolf, B.C.U.C., and so on.

And I am going to stop here, because I can list at least another 50 bands that fall into this category.


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