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Popular Convicted Filipino drug queen Yu Yuk Lai reportedly dies



Convicted drug queen Yu Yuk Lai who has spent 10 months in a private hospital after suffering from “Facial Pain” has passed away,

Confirming the news of her death on Tuesday was BuCor.

According to the reports gathered, she died at 9:47 AM today, BuCor spokesperson Gabriel Chaclag said.

Yu Yuk Lai was reported to have died of she suffered Acute Myocardial infection after being confined at the East Avenue Medical Center for contracting COVID-19.


Yu Yuk Lai was a Filipino of Chinese descent, she was admitted to a private hospital in Binondo in 2014 where she underwent laboratory work-ups, May Ann Marasigan, acting corrections superintendent of the Correctional Institution for Women (CIW) told the Senate panel.

“During the time, as per record, Yu Yuk Lai was also undergoing therapy due to anxiety with depressive symptoms,” Marasigan said.

“Initially the findings were a transient ischemic attack,” she added.

Even as the symptoms of the short-term stroke would last from only minutes to an hour or less than 24 hours, as explained by Marasigan at the hearing, Yu stayed at the hospital for 10 months.

Back in March of the last year 2020, thousands in cash seized from convicted drug queen Yu Yuk Lai during BuCor inspection.

After a surprise inspection at the Correctional Institution for Women on Wednesday discovered cash in possession of two inmates, one of them convicted Chinese-Filipino drug queen Yu Yuk Lai, according to Chino Gaston’s report on Balitanghali.

Personnel from the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) confiscated P91,000 from Yu Yuk Lai and P150,000 from another Chinese inmate.

Under BuCor rules, inmates are only allowed to have P2,000 cash on hand inside the cell, except in cases where they need huge amounts of money to cover legal expenses

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