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Artistic Director & Dancer, Natalia Johnson Has Passed Away


Professional Dancer, Natalia Johnson Is Dead

Known to be one of the professionals in the dancing community, artistic director and professional dancer, Natalia Johson has sadly passed away. Her sister Kandice announced the news of her death in a video she uploaded on her Youtube channel. She clearly stated that her cause of death was never a suicide issue, neither did she lose her life to any illegal or legal substance.

Kandice said her death appears to be a stroke or heart attack, revealing that her sister was very ill but decided not to share it with anyone.

Reacting to her death, Charmaine Hunter wrote – Today, we mourn the passing of one of Dance Theatre of Harlem’s beautiful ballerinas, Natalia Johnson. My heart is broken at the news. R.I.P. beautiful one. We are all at a loss for words.

How Did Natalia Johnson Die?

According to Kandice, Natalia suffered from severe anxiety which got worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On May 7, around 9:30, Natalia came back from work and complained to her sister that she was not feeling and wanted to see a doctor.

Her sister said she later decided to reschedule her move to see the doctor and stayed at home.

Kandice said some minutes later she looked at her said she was really tired and can’t hold on again.

“She looked at me she just started crying…, she said am so tired, just don’t wanna do this anymore…, am just tired of all of this, I don’t wanna do it anymore”

Some minutes later, her body started tightening, that was the time I came to know that she was really in a distress, I immediately placed her on the floor and began performing CPR. And when she didn’t respond I ran out and yelled to our neighbours to call 911.

Police and emergency personnel arrived so quickly and did all they could to revive her back but sadly she didn’t make it.

Who Is Natalia Johnson?

She was an artistic director at the “Natalia Johnson Conservatory and also a professional dancer at Ballerina”.

Natalia was a former company member of Dance Theatre of Harlem.

Johnson was the first recipient of the Ballet Lubbock Gugi award. She is the artistic director of Natalia Johnson Conservatory in Sacramento California.

She has danced with the dance theatre of Harlem, Urban Ballet Theatre, Ballet Noir, Renaissance Ballet and collage dance collective.

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