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Woman in red costume falls to her death after she tries to take selfie from her 25th floor apartment in Sanya China



Just to get good video content and wow her fans and friends, people sometimes neglect personal safety measures.

This woman who is desperate to immortalize herself dancing outside the balcony has paid with her life after she felled to her death from her 25th-floor apartment.

This inappropriate behaviour happened in Sanya, a city on the Chinese island of Hainan, on Thursday.

The unidentified woman fell from the balcony of a 25-story condo.

In one video, before she fell, a man was blaming the woman’s actions, saying that it was dangerous.

Instead of listening to the advice, the woman replied, “It’s okay, I’m shooting a video.” That’s what was quoted from a website called –jaringan

The local police received a call on May 6 at around 12:52 p.m. local time.

In a police statement released recently, a suicide note was found in the victim’s room. The case is currently under investigation.

According to Sina News, many tenants have left the condos after reading the news. The woman’s room was also sealed.

The case is creepy because the woman who fell was wearing a red dress and red shoes.

The fact that she was dancing outside the balcony but that the suicide note was found is also highly questionable.

According to local belief, a person who dies dressed in red will turn into a very evil ghost.

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