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Religious teacher, Swami Omkarananda is dead


Religious teacher, Swami Omkarananda has been reported dead.

His death was made known through a social media post shared by writer Dushyanth Sridhar on Twitter

According to Dushyanth, he said: – “I came across as one of the best speakers of Sanatana Dharma. His expositions were a class in itself.

I have heard a few of his Gita videos. Feel saddened to know that his Atma has departed from the material body. May his teachings reach a wider audience!


Swami Omkarananda merged with Ishwara this evening, at about 5.40 p.m. He was an exemplar of Dharma, he leaves behind thousands of grieving devotees and a large spiritual void.

Swami Omkarananda was born on 25 December 1929 in Hyderabad in India.

He came to the Ashram as a small boy 17 years of age in the year 1946 and Sri Gurudev immediately entrusted him with the work of type-writing, copying and editing.

Swami had an insatiable desire for reading books which desire of his he fulfilled by pouring over tomes throughout the night with a little chimney lamp during those days when electricity was not in the Ashram and had almost a passion to become a literary specialist in the English language which wish of his was partially fulfilled to the satisfaction of Sri Gurudev himself.

He was entrusted with the management of the Ashram’s printing press in the year 1953, in which capacity he worked for about a year.

Later on like a devil he worked day and night without taking rest, taking only tea, in which work Sri Narasimhulu of the Ashram assisted him very effectively, especially in type-writing manuscript, copying manuscript, etc., of Sri Gurudev.

Apart from editing and compiling such massive works like Sadhana, Swami Omkarananda also is known as the author of some independent productions like the Foundation of Swami Sivananda’s literature, etc., during the days of his life in the Ashram, till about 1966.

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