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Popular Indonesian comedian Sapri Pantun reportedly dies after long battle with diabetes



The Indonesian comedy industry has lost one of its best sons, Sapri Pantun.

According to reports gathered, Sapri died after battling sugar sickness on Monday 10th May 2021. Confirming the news of his death was Bunda Neng, his long time manager.

“That’s right (passed away),” said Bunda Neng to reporters.

Meanwhile, Mother Neng said that Sapri Pantun died after sunset. But at this time, he was heading to Sari Asih Hospital.

“Yes (he died) it was after sunset. Now we are headed there, Sari Asih Hospital,” he explained.

Before he died, Sapri Pantun received treatment in the hospital because of his very high sugar content. Prior to that, Sapri also had time to feel like her body was hot in the heat until her legs began to shrink.

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