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Iranian Man Killed By Family Members After Discovering He Was Gay



An Iranian man believed to be in his 20’s was reportedly murdered and beheaded by family members after discovering he was gay.

According to Pink News 20-year-old Alireza Fazeli-Monfared was making plans to flee to Turkey to be with his refugee boyfriend when he was killed by his half-brother and cousins as part of an honour killing.

Reports say the family had discovered Fazeli-Monfared’s sexuality after he was exempted from military service because of his homosexuality.

Same-sex relations are illegal in Iran under Islamic law, and punishable by imprisonment, lashing and execution.

Iranian Journalist and activist, Masih Alinejad who confirmed the news in a series of tweets said the family members after beheading Alireza, dumped his body under a tree outside of the city of Ahwaz.

Alireza Was Lured By Step-brother

Alireza death was planned by his half-brother who came to him on the pretext that his father wanted to see him, only to be killed the next day.

“At 7 pm on Tuesday, Alireza had a phone conversation with his mother for the last time,” Aghil Abyat, Alireza’s closest friend, told IranWire. “Then his half-brother came to him and on the pretext that their father wanted to see him, got him into the car and drove him outside the city.

“There was no news of him until Wednesday when Alireza’s stepbrother called his mother and told her: ‘We have finished him off.’ In other words, he confessed to murdering Alireza. They found his body under some palm trees. It’s now with the medical examiner and his mother has been hospitalized because of the shock.”

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