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Bloomsburg University Student Dies Unexpectedly



The Bloomsburg University has been notified about the sudden demise of Leah Burke. Leah Burke was reported to have died on May 8 2021. She lost in life in a tragic auto crash.

According to her brief profile on GofundMe, Leah was a sophomore nursing student and member of the Student Nurses Association.

The Bloomsburg University President, Bashar Hana dispersed the news of Leah’s death to BU faculty members through a press release via email.

Read Excerpts From The Mail Below:-

“With great sadness, I share news of the untimely passing of one of our students, Leah Burke, who passed away Saturday evening.”

‘Her clinical faculty, Dr Kristy Sands, Ashlie Fritz and Robin Kline said: “Leah was a quiet, conscientious student. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, she started her clinical experiences this academic year.

At clinical, she was a team player and worked well with her peers. Leah also provided compassionate care to her patients and enjoyed teaching them about health promotion.’

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