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May 10 2021, Is Facebook down, What is wrong with Facebook, “I can’t access Facebook”



Facebook has currently gone down, many are already asking the question over what could have happened to the biggest giant social network in the world.

Opening the website on Monday morning 1oth May 2021 through a desktop browser, users were welcomed with a glaring strange page showing

“Sorry, something went wrong……We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. Go Back”

Once you visit the website it tells you that something went wrong, and show a link to redirect you back off the site.

For some hours many online users of the social network have kept on complaining about their inability to access the website,

some folks say they couldn’t log in or gain full access to their accounts.


Facebook is a social network where member share messages and status updates with online friends. The network also offers a platform for third-party developers.


Last month April many giant social networks experienced a similar outage after users suffered blank screen bug when using web browsers.

BST UPDATE: Independent outage monitor Down Detector is once again experiencing a spike in Facebook down reports.

The website has suddenly seen a rise in Facebook down reports, with the majority of affected users either experiencing a total Facebook blackout or login problems.

BST UPDATE: Earlier today, Facebook users were hit by a strange browser bug that left them facing a blank screen. Hours later reports continue to flood in that the problem is still causing some issues. Although most users now seem to have access to Facebook hundreds still say they are affected by the glitch.

What Happened?

If you’re trying and failing to access Facebook this morning it seems you are not alone. Hundreds of users are complaining that they are seeing a blank screen when trying to access their news feeds via web browsers. Reports suggest that both Chrome and Safari are affected although most of the mentions from users seem to centre around Apple’s software.

Independent tracking website DownDetector, which monitors mentions across social media to track when web services are offline, is suggesting that hundreds of Facebook users are currently experiencing the outage. In fact, at the time of writing, there are some 800 complaints that users can’t access the site.

Many users tried to access Facebook from the Safari browser with the screen turning black and no content appearing within the web window.

Users have also flocked to social media to vent their frustrations with one fan saying: “@Facebook Is there a reason why all my Facebook a/cs are down? When I try to open them I am met with a plain black screen. Any suggestions appreciated.”

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