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Justyn Towler – What Happened To Him?



The internet can be most times confusing when false, unverified or unconfirmed information springs up. Just this year only, not less than a hundred celebrities became victims of the death hoax.

They were declared dead by the internet whilst they are still living their lives happily.

A few days ago, the internet was filled with unconfirmed death news of British actor, Justyn Luke Towler. The publication which emanated from clickbait websites were shared countless time on social media. No verified source has outrightly said the actor has passed on.

Is Justyn Towler Dead Or Alive?

No! Justyn Towler (Makka Pakka) is not dead. The actor is very much alive and doing fine.

From thorough research carried out by our team, we may come to a final conclusion that Justyn Towler is alive, though Justyn who seems not to be an active user of social media only has a Twitter page that was last updated last two years.

For now, the information about his death is tagged a hoax.

Justyn who was born into Renewal has been part of the church his whole life. He now heads up a vast team of talented staff and volunteers at Renewal in between cups of coffee and a digestive biscuit.

Who Is Justyn Towler? Few Things You Need To Know About Him

Name  Justyn Luke Tower
Birthday  1983
Age 38
Nationality British
Profession Actor, Pastor
Wife  Elizabeth Greenfield
Notable For  In the Night Garden & The Snowman

Justyn Luke Towler is a British actor, who played Makka Pakka in the children’s series In the Night Garden. Makka Pakka is a beige, small, round-bodied doll.

His first movie debut was in 1993 when he starred in a stage production of The Snowman at age 10.

38-year-old, Justyn Towler is now a pastor working with children at a church in Solihull.

He and his wife Liz lead FaithBuilders at the Renewal Christian Centre on Lode Lane. It’s a team that provides pastoral services to children and their families including those with special needs.

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