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Joanna Alexandra – Few Things You Need To Know About Her


Joanna Alexandra Biodata

Real Name:  Joanna Alexandra
Age: 23 April 1987 (age 34)
Birth Place: Jakarta , Indonesia
Profession: Acting, Modelling
Husband: Raditya Oloan (Late)

Who Is Joanna Alexandra

Meet Alexandra Arimbi Joanna who is popularly known as Joanna Alexandra, she is a film and soap opera player, as well s an Indonesian model.

Born on April 23, 1987, Joanna first made her entry into the world of entertainment in 2002 as a model.

Joanna Education, Career, Husband & Family

She started her career in the 3rd grade of junior high school when designer Adjie Notonegoro was accidentally offered to become her model.

At that time, Joanna intended to make clothes at the boutique owned by a famous designer.

Finally, Joanna received three months of education, after which he was contracted by Adjie’s agency, Flash.

Between 2005 and 2009, She starred in a number of films. Among them, School Endnotes, Past Midnight, and Tarix Jabrix 2.

Apart from playing in films, the 34-year-old artist has also made video clips of Peter Pan and Padi.

Is so unfortunate for the Indonesian actress after she lost her husband Raditya Oloan on Thursday, May 6, 2021.



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The sad news was conveyed by several friends of Raditya Oloan and Joanna Alexandra. One of them is Hysua Alamnda, who is one of Joanna Alexandra’s husband’s ministry partners at the JKI Muda Church.

Her husband died after being critical after being tested negative for Covid-19.

She posted this on her Instagram page:

“Lanjuuuut foto2 selama di Wisma atlet.. 
Foto 1: Persiapan radit mau dipindah, rujuk ke ICU RSUP Persahabatan. Ganti oksigen untuk transport..
Video 2: babay duluuuu, daddy mau pindaaah…
Foto 3: video call sama Raditya yang udah masuk charter ICU, daaaan… jeng jeng jeeeng
Foto 4: Radit pindah, si Cikidut anak cantik yang masuk Wisma Atlet sama mamaku jugaa… kirain bisa istirahat yakaaan, ternyata harus ngurus si cantik.. 😂😂😅😅💪🏻
Foto 5: Jalan-jalan soreeeee
Foto 6: Hari-hari pertama mblut. Mamanya masih sibuk meriang, Zio ogah makan…
Foto 7: saturasi Zio sempet 91-92… akhirnya lapor dokter mengenai diagnosa CMD-nya mblut dan kondisi2 bawaan Zio lainnya 😜😜. Divisit sama spesialis anak dan tim gizi anak..
Foto 8: foto2 duluuuu. Alumni RSDC pasti afaaal area ini, tiap pagi dan sore senam disini yah.. hayoooo siapa yang rajin senam di wisma atlet?? Hihihi..
Foto 9: dan akhirnya, merayakan ulangtahun dengan piyama gak matching, rambut cepol blum keramas, tapi ucapan syukur gak berkurang doong. Hehehe terimakasiiih nakes yang jaga di lantai 6 untuk ucapannya 🥰🥰
Foto 10: project #Labirin belum mulai, tapi bertemu di Wisma Atlet duluuuu yah Yos.. hahahaha
Teman-teman doakan yaaa, hari Selasa ini jadwal swab untuk Ziona dan mamaku. Kalau hasilnya negatif, cuuuuuusss pulaaang langsung…. doakan juga hasil swab Radit negatif (bapakke sekarang di RSUP Persahabatan udah keluar dari ICU dan udah di kamar rawat biasa dengan oksigen biaasa… puji Tuhan…. God is gooood… cepat pulih 100% daddy sayaaaang… miss you so.”



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Joanna Alexandra and Raditya Oloan were married on June 16, 2007.

Before marriage, both Raditya Oloan and Joanna Alexandra were drug users who slowly found the right path.

At that time, Joanna Alexandra openly admitted that she was pregnant outside of wedlock and was pregnant with Raditya Oloan’s child.

Even so, the couple Joanna Alexandra and Raditya Oloan are now blessed with four children.

Joanna Alexandra, who is a Christian, reported that her husband, Raditya Oloan, was in critical condition after testing negative for Covid-19 and had to receive intensive care in the ICU.

Before he died, Raditya Oloan reported that his husband was declared a Covid-19 patient with comorbid asthma.

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